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and former head of the international monetary fund dominique strauss-kahn on his own recognizance meaning that the tough bail conditions, including a $5 million bond and house arrest have been dropped. the decision was based upon disturbing interviews with the accuser, whose own voracity is now in question. you will recall that mr. strauss-kahn was accused of attacking a hotel maid as he exited the shower inside of his $5,000/night manhattan hotel suite. she claimed that he forced her to perform a sex act. the case set off an international firestorm. he was forced to resign from the imf, and his chances to run as president next year in france were dead. the stories of this frenchman's fla fi
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fi flanderring past came crashing down, and now we learn that the accuser's story may be a complete fabrication. the hotel maid was alleged to have called a friend to pursue the allegations of rape. this same person made large deposits off cash into her bank account allegely from the sale of drug, and then there were reports of her being gang raped in her home country of guinea, but then it was found she was lying in order to gain asylum. the charges against strauss-kahn have not been dropped yet, but maybe it is a matter of time since his accuser has been exposed a liar. and now today's legal analysis on the stunning turn of events is criminal attorney jami floyd. good afternoon.
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her defense attorney was outside of the courthouse and he made a number of interesting comments. let's listen to what attorney ken thompson had to say. >> screamed at her mother, get out, get out of here. >> he went on the say that he believes that the district attorney is laying groundwork for dismissal and gave great il is going on here? >> well, i do believe that he is right and cy vance is laying the groundwork for dismissal. there is a slight possibility for strauss-kahn to plead to a misdemeanor but i would not advice that as his defense attorney now that all of the allegations of the alleged victim made public, why would you do that? he is right, it is headed toward dismissal and as her attorney, he is outraged. >> and her own record is
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littered with felonies. >> yes, and these are by her own admission. we have a letter, martin, from are the district attorney to defense team. that is in and of itself extraordinary. it i is because of a law that requires the prosecutor to give to the defense attorney anything exculpatory, and this does not happen this early in a case of this magnitude and outlines everything that you said in the opening. the lies in the asylum application in 2004 and lies on the tax return, martin. a lie she told to get into the federal housing program, and the lie she told to district attorney. some of these could add up to felony charges against her, and certainly, she has it seems filed a false claim against strauss-kahn. so she is in trouble with the ins and other federal offices, and certainly the district attorney, so i don't see how
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this can stand. >> and other people are saying, why is it that the victim in these circumstances appears to be the one in the dark? here is a very powerful man with dna of his own sperm was found inside of the room, his own semen, and yet we are talking about today the voracity of the victim? >> because we have to separate out in cases involving sex and sexual assault the issue of credibility, because credibility is an issue in any criminal case whether it is a rape case, a murder case or any other type of case. think of the most boring of cases, a financial fraud case. your complaining witness has to be telling the truth. they have to be truthful and withstand a cross-examination. we get very confused when we are talking about rape, because we don't want to undermine the voracity of someone who is violating rape, because we are thinking of all of the otherp women out there who might think of coming forward with real claims of rape and we don't want to discourage those women, but
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in a case where we have a witness that is not credible, the district attorney has no choice but to dismiss the case as he would have to in any other kind of case where the key witness is not credible. and in a rape case, the only witness is the alleged victim. >> now, you know that he has not dismissed this case. >> not yet. >> and the charges have not been dropped. is there a sense of prosecutorial pride and attorney's arrogance that he does not want, and cyrus vance does not want that egg on his face, right. and look at how much they have inp vested in exploring an investigating the case, and yet, you are saying that the case is over. >> well, there are a few things going on. first of all, they made a few mistakes in the case, political. they did a perp walk they didn't need to do and that was received terribly in france and criticized here in the united states. and they stood on the steps, sigh cy vance himself standing on the courthouse steps talking about the strength of the case, and we know it has no legs. but to his credit, he
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investigated the case thoroughly knowing that the defense would do the same, and looks like he will put an end to it before we go to a long drawn-out litigationk and we are only six weeks in, but that being said, martin, there are political implications of international magnitude and he does not want egg on his face, you are correct, and he has to think, because he is an elected official about the women's lobby and the women suggested by the earlier question are going to cry foul, and of course, very concerned about the implication of the real victims who might want to come forward and need to come forward and be concerned especially if the suspect is someone of significance and power. >> so, given the presence of dna, are we therefore supposed to conclude that there was a consensual sex act between the former head of the imf and a poor hotel maid? >> well, this gets back to the question of presumption of innocence, and reasonable doubt. we are really not to conclude anything unless we are in a court of law and the mistake
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made in this case by prosecutors was leading us to conclude things that had not been litigated in court, but you are remember, that we talked on this very set about the careful words of ben brafman, one of the lead lawyers on the defense side of the case, and many things can be concluded about semen, if you will, and dna, as the more politic way of putting it, but we are talking about the presence of semen in the room of the man accused in this case, and it is not necessarily forceable sexual assault. >> jami floyd, as ever, thank you for your insights. and now to our correspondent michelle kosinski from monaco which borders france. michelle, you have seen the french papers, and i haven't, and you can see the french news reports and i haven't, and what is the reaction to this stunning turn of events? >> yes, martin, they are calling it stupefying and one paper said i wonder if dominique strauss-kahn will seek revenge now, whatever that means. and the french went through a
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whole evolution surrounding this. remember when he was first arrested, it was outright shock and purely some political setup, and then the anger turned to the american system of justice and say, look at how he is paraded before the press, and how he is being treated, but once the past started coming out again in the prez, allegations of womanizing among other things the french did a soul searching and saying, maybe we sweep them under the rug too much and he is a man in a position of power and why, and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera and now the anger is back. why these facts coming out, and the other allegations now against the victim now coming out now? why did it take so long? the socialists are saying that maybe he can still run for president if if the primaries are delayed and maybe he has a chance kind of hoping that he can get his footing again. he we tuz froe -- he was the fr to the presidency of france.
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they don't know what will happen, anot everybody wants to jump to the conclusion just as the charges were mounted, not everyone wants to assume now that he is not guilty. >> well, this case, michelle, has been a washington conspiracy to knock down france's rival to sarkozy, and the french newspapers are fighting that conspiracy, aren't they? >> well, when it initially leaked out that this victim was supposedly making phone calls to an inmate and right after this supposedly happened, money in the accounts, et cetera, et cetera, very initially people think, oh, could that have some connection possibly to some political set-up, and maybe a web of intrigue that has spanned continents, but as more is
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coming out, there has never been anything truly credible to support a political set-up here. not ruled out in many french minds of course, but i think that now the anger like i said is again is on the american justice system is. in fact, on a british television program today i heard an analyst say, what are they going to say for themselves now, meaning the americans, that this has come out for the way he was put before the american press the way he was. a lot of of the european countries just do not understand that, and they don't know that in america, the press can photograph anyone who is accused generally while they are being led top appearances and that sort of thing, but that is not allowed in many european countries, including france lt the press are not allowed the take pictures at certain parts of the proceedings. so there is a lot of anger surrounding that, because they feel he was mistreated before and even now more so, and that kneeli feeling is now ingrained in their hearts now, martin. >> yes, as the criticisms continue, i know you and i appreciate and respect the first amendment rights. our thanks, michelle kosinski. next, tim geithner says he
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despite his words to the contrary, words from the secretary treasury to step down are dominating discussions from wall street to main street. and timothy geithner was even asked the question by former president bill clinton. >> as you said, i have never had a real job. i have only worked in public service, but i live for this. it is the only work i have ever done and i believe in it. we have challenges in the country, and i am going to be doing for it the foreseeable
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future, and people of the country are interested because i have a family, and my son is going back to new york to finish high school, and i'm going to be commuting for a while, but i am going to be doing this for the foreseeable future. >> and sources close to geithner means foreseeable future is when and if a deadline for the debt ceiling is there. but that is a only a few weeks away, so that time may be coming up. and we welcome ezra klein, our policy analyst. do you think it would be a good thing for mr. geithner to leave and would it be a good thing for the president? >> whether he will leave if it is four months or four years, it is left to be seen. he is the longest running secretary of treasury, and just
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in terms of endurance he probably can't do it much longer. >> austan goolsbee is back to academia, and larry summer back to harvard and christine row mar back to berkeley, and isn't this why tim geithner is important, because he has experience of wall street as opposed to simply being an academic? >> yes, that is why his departure will depend on what is going on economically, and no way he will leave before the debt ceiling is not just finished but put to dead. you have heard the line about not changing the horse midstream, and what is going on in greece with the european debt, and the debt ceiling this is like changing ships in a turbulent ocean. nobody could come into the post at this moment, and steer us through the crisis. >> and he has been asked questions about his personal finances and democrats and republicans, and the president has stood by him, and here is the president when asked about
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mr. geithner in 2009. >> there has never been a secretary of the treasury except for maybe am alexander hamilton right after the revolutionary war who has had to deal with the multiplicity of issues that secretary geithner has to deal with, all at the same time. and, you know, he is is doing so with intelligence, diligence. >> intelligence and diligence. but if he ends up leaving the cabinet with the economy in the state it is, what kind of legacy does he leave? >> that'll be a tough one to say, because it depends upon the growth in the next couple of years, but what we can say is that he did an effective job with little information and guiding the economy through an unbelievable financial crisis, and people forget how rough the economy is now how close we came to a meltdown which is unlike anything that we have experienced since the great depression. and whether he did as good on recovery as debt management crisis, some say it takes a long time and not a lot that people can do and some people say that
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the republicans have impeded what the admin stragts wants to do, and you can't blame tim geithner about, that and some say that tim geithner and barack obama and the administration got the recovery wrong, but that is something that we will see what the growth path and the ememployment path looks like in the next couple of years and easier to make a judgment. >> and we will be swapping seats next week when you are here. thank you, ezra. >> looking forward to it. and herman cain questions the president's toughness on the same week that the president shows a much tougher side with his critics. stay with us.
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now, to our neighbors in the north where the duke and duchess of cambridge are on day two of the world wind tour. it is the couple's first overseas visit and the crowds have exceeded expectations with hundreds lining the street with the chance to meet the modern face of the british royal family and with the latest on the visit here is kevin tibbles. >> martin, what a day for a
3:22 pm
double celebration here in the canadian capital. yes, the duke and duchess of cambridge and perhaps the most famous newlyweds on the face of the planet are here, but it is also canada day, and the annual event where canada celebrates what it is, and 144 years old as a country, and they happen to have the special guests on hand to help them celebrate it here. as you can see over my shoulder, and expected half million people are supposed to be turning up not only for a chance to get a fleeting glimpse of the royal couple, but of course to celebrate the nation's birthday and interestingly enough first thing this morning, the couple attended a citizenship ceremony where 25 new canadians managed to achieve the citizenship in the presence of the royal couple with prince william there and catherine and attending where those people have moved over here, and of course the royal couple arrived in an open horse
3:23 pm
drawn landau brought in by the mounted police here, and they have been enjoying a afternoon of music and dancing and entertainment in what can be described as very uncanadian conditions, because, martin, it is very, very hot here in the canadian nation's capital. as i throw it back to you, i will say, happy canada day, martin. >> thank you, kevin tibbles there. and now back to florida where court has resumed in the casey anthony trial and rebuttal witnesses have been giving evidence. the trial almost didn't happen today just as the prosecution was about to begin the rebuttal this morning. judge belvin perry brought things to an immediate halt. we will get to orlando where we are joined by nbc correspondent kerry sanderers who has been there since day one, and kerry, once the trial resumed, who was called to the stand, and have we learned anything new? >> i think that we have learned something very significant. there was a compliance officer from a medical company, and this is the company that cindy
3:24 pm
anthony, casey's mother worked for. and when she worked for them, because it was a medical company, she is a nurse, they are required by federal law to keep deep records which includes the times that she logged on to the computer. now, you may remember that cindy anthony testified that she believed she was the one who searched on their home computer for chloroform. and of course, the prosecution suggests that chloroform was used to poison and subdue and kill little caylee along with duct tape over her mouth. so cindy raised the spectrum to the jury that she may have filled out a time card indicating she was at work, but she did that because they could not go over hours, and they kind of fudged the time cards as long as it was 40 for the week. she was likely at home doing the computer search, and well, this compliance officer came in and pulled the records which show that she was on the computer at
3:25 pm
work filing records for her job as a nurse with the medical records that needed to be supplied, which would seem to take her out of the picture of being on the computer at home looking for chloroform which of course, the prosecution has long alleged that casey searched how to make chloroform. >> and yet, another contradiction, kerry. but since casey declined to take the stand, has there been something of a lull? a sense of deflation, if you like, because it was all of the expectation for weeks that the defendant might well give evidence. >> i think that there was with an expectation that she would because her attorney, jose baez, in openings made some rather large promises. and some of those promises now that he has rested went unfulfilled, specifically, a witness saying because the defense says that little caylee drowned in the backyard swimming
3:26 pm
pool, no witness saying that her body was taken from the water. there were only two people according to the defense who knew that story, and that was george anthony, casey's father, and he said, didn't happen. and then there is casey, herself, and since she didn't take the stand, we have heard it from nobody. so, it was a big promise from the defense going in that went unfulfilled during this trial. >> fascinating to see the effect of that on the jury, and nbc's kerry sanders as always, thanks to much. >> and coming up, we clear the air on the case that america just can't get enough of. mayhem doesn't announce itself. it doesn't call ahead. mayhem doesn't care if you're on vacation or just remodeled your kitchen or just said "i do." and though mayhem may be a part of life, with an allstate agent, you don't have to live through it alone. are you in good hands?
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some call it a graveyard to american workers. it is a field filled with shipping containerers. they came to the united states filled with goods made by foreign workers. but they are still here, because we haven't filled them up and shipped them back. these are american jobs, and this is nothing but a monument to the unemployed in america.
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i know we are better than thisch ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. president obama is headed to camp david for the holiday weekend in about an hour, and not before getting in a few parting shots at the growing field of republicans who want his job. >> while i'm working, you know, there are going to be candidates parading around the country, and they are going to do what they do, which is to attack the american people who are less interested in us attacking each other. they are more interested in us
3:30 pm
attacking the country's problems. they want us to exchange ideas about the future. that is the contest i'm looking forward to, because i know that is the contest that america needs, and by the way, that is the contest that we will win. >> joining me now is a man who never ceases working mike viqueira from the white house. don't the republicans have a point that the president was off yesterday on fund-raising events, and you followed him, and that handed mitch mcconnell the opportunity to invite him to a meeting that he knew he could not make. >> well, martin, as said in another context years ago, it is strictly business and nothing personal. everybody knows what the schedule is and particularly as the days ticked down to the close of the fund-raising quarters. yesterday was the last dif of the -- last day of the second-quarter of fund-raising and everybody is going to be out there raising monies and trying to make the figures look good, because there is saber rattling and intimidation in fund-raising numbers when they are released. the president -- sorry, mitch
3:31 pm
mcconnell knew that the president was going to philadelphia for funders when he said, that and john cornyn, the chairman of the republican senate campaign committee knew when he criticized the president for the tone that he used in the pres conference that the president, that the john cornyn would be attending fund-raisers for republican candidates and the president knew it dare we say when he took the east room press conference when he took off that he was feeding red meat to the basin, and he made allusion to the remarks in the fund-raiser in the philadelphia. he knew he was heading up to the last days of the quarter, and the disparaging comments he took towards the republicans and congress would fire up the base. so there is a lot of kabuki going on here, and certainly, negotiations happen og entwo tracks. public track and private track that has been happening behind closed doors. at some point, they have to get serious, martin, because the clock is ticking.
3:32 pm
>> i loved your use of the term kabuki and i wish i understood what you meant, but i think i know. in regards to the conversations, tim geithner is being speculated about the terms of his departure of the white house, and are you hearing any about the potential departure? >> well, the story took the white house a little bit by surprise yesterday. it turns out to be largely true. i think that the white house is concerned that geithner leaving and first of all that window was given to administration officials give ebb n to the administration with the two-year threshold, if you want the leave, leave now, and if not, stick with us for the last two years of the administration, and that with the economy and having the top economic advisers leave as larry summers did at the two-year threshold and the potential of geithner leaving if and when this debt crisis gets
3:33 pm
straightened out later in the summer would cause some more uncertainty, so it is not welcomed news, and we know that geithner said it is not on the horizon and not something he is planning for at the moment. >> mike viqueira, we hope you have a happy july fourth weekend and extend that to your family and mom as well. >> thank you, martin. while most of the challengers are attacking the president on the management of the economy and the health care reform. herman cain is taking a different approach questioning whether the president is a real black man. he said that a real black man is not timid about making decisions and it is well documented that his mother was white and his father from africa, and if he wants to call himself black, fine. cain went on to say that the black men he admires is martin luther king jr., and not the
3:34 pm
president. and joining us is a reporter who has been covering her man cain. >> well, the more fanfare he can kick up for the constituents and the more dollars for the campaign. in recent weeks the campaign has taken a turn as more of the credible candidates have taken the stage and sucked the oxygen out of the room and opportunities like this, le take every shot he can to remain relevant, but he has decided to use this president and the ethnicity as the pathway to relevance and it is counter intuitive. >> well, there was a tone of insult in that comment. your mother is white and your father is from africa. what does he think he is doing? >> well, i personally take offense to it, and offense to anyone who can decide who is black and who is not as if there is a membership card given out, and least of all to be given out by herman cain.
3:35 pm
who made him chairman of the black club committee. i personally take offense to it, and my own family is biracial, and so at the end of the day, he should move on to the issues and look at education and poverty and unemployment and the things that will make this country move forward. >> one thing that cain is picking up on is that when president obama starts raising his voice and becoming assertive and people will talk about the angry black man assertion, and what is that? >> we call it the black tax, and whether you are in the public square and whether it is church or school or holding public office, there is a delicate balance of what is seen as aggressive for some of us is seen as standard for others. so to show displeasure or show your anger or fiestiness may be playing into a vicious stereotype that has lived on for black men for centuries.
3:36 pm
president obama to his credit has been unflappable on the campaign trail and in office. >> nearly? >> i think he has been. >> well, there are some times just as the other day when the back straightens up and he is ready to let loose. no doubt he can get angry, but it is tempered in a way he brings a grace to the white house. >> goal ldie, he cannot win. because he cannot lash out, because people will call him a angry black man. >> well n th, in this country, no other stereotype that any black man in this country has tho fight. and even herman cain when asked about ethnicity raised his voice and nearly shut down the interview and had to apologize to the reporter, and even herman cain is susceptible and understands the delicate balances that you have to make it.
3:37 pm
president obama understands it, and my brothers understand it, and that is is the way of the world. how we comfort ourselves in the public square says how credible we will be. if you play into the stereotype, it meaning marginalization, and for many of us it is the difference of the employment line and the soup line. and literally the difference of them. i faced some of this in the workplace and recent articles of whether being on the of being an african-american woman whether it benefits you to have that aggressive type stereotype surrounding you, and so people are still talking about whether or not it is a benefit. i can tell you that the stereotype or any stereotype really isn't. when i come into the workplace, i want to be taken on my merit for what i know and what i bring to the table, but if you are labeled as aggressive, that is just another way to marginalize, and president obama faces that, but something else that he faces, and you will see it in the campaign and out in the public square, today, almost
3:38 pm
anybody can get an internet connection and keyboard and become a journalist overnight, so many things are said about this presidency or others that hold public office, and he has to decide what he can respond to and what he can't. since bob woodard wrote a book in the mid-'90s called "shadow" and how the nixon presidency changed the way the presidency is viewed and what you can say about the person who inhabits it, but it also changes how those people can respond to criticism. so if george bush or bill clinton got angry, it was sort of standard behavior. if barack obama gets angry and he responds in kind, he certainly cannot. >> absolutely. insightful as ever. goldie taylor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. and the other candidates make a run for the white house. and happy holiday, minnesota, your government has been shut down. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things?
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i'm milissa rehberger, and following the actions in minnesota where the government was shutdown after the legislature and the governor failed to reach a deal to close a $5 billion deficit. state parks and rest areas will be closed this weekend. minnesota is one state facing a budget crunch across the country. firework displays have been canceled due to the financial woes. martin picks this up after the break. stay with us.
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i'm tyler mathisen with the cnbc market wrap. looking at the stocks today, you will see a nice gain for the dow. up 175 points and standard & poor's up 19, and nasdaq up 42. across the board gains. corporate jet aircraft industry pushing back after harsh words from the president wednesday.
3:46 pm
they say that obama's proposal to eliminate a tax break to encourage businesses to purchase the planes would hurt the economy and cost jobs. and analysts expect june sales to add 1.9 million vehicles and up 13.5% jump from a year ago and good news there and good news for detroit. that is it for cnbc, first in business worldwide. martin, back to you. >> thanks very much, and very happy fourth of july to you. >> same to you. >> and no, it is not a new sit-com, but it could develop into a two-person race for the republican presidential race. while romney is raising money and running what is a general election campaign, and bachmann has shocked the rivals with a rapid rise in the polls and increasing media coverage embarrassing gaffes aside. and i am here to talk to the chairman of the rnc, and now i want to show you what jon
3:47 pm
stewart sized up the gop field in case you missed it on "the daily show." >> it is that the gop has doppelgangers. they have the mormon twins and the challenged hotness and conservative fire brands from georgia and of course a pair of oak trees. so -- >> that is actually very funny, but it is accurate or can mr. romney and ms. bachmann rise above the rest? >> well, they can, but i would point out governor tim pawlenty from minnesota who is a strong candidate who announced his fund-raising numbers a hour ago. you mentioned michele bachmann and gaffes. many people talk about media bias, but i am not making that judgment here, martin. >> obviously not, or you would be thrashed. >> if michelle bae bachmann say
3:48 pm
something off key or not correct, they see that as how she is not a credible candidate, but after the vice president has been doing for decade after decade since 1972, we laugh and slap him on the back and say, that's our joe, like it is a "saturday night live" skit or something, and it is unfair. certainly congresswoman bachmann will continue to tighten her rhetoric and make sure she doesn't make any miscues, but she is judged in a different light than our own vice president. >> and you are right to point out that tim pawlenty has announced $4 million in funds raised which is significant, but way behind mitt romney. >> we knew he would be the best fundraisers and he raised $10 million in one day which is an astounding total a, but we know that the republicans have a great fund-raiser when we have the final candidate months and months from now, and that is barack obama. our voters are motivated and whoever the nominee is will raise significant money, because
3:49 pm
we will defeat barack obama. >> do you believe that sarah palin, the longer she plays with the idea of a possible run will continue to get in the way of these candidates who formally announced and desperate to get attention and increase their profile? >> well, you know nx a word, yes. now, certainly sarah palin is somebody who's an attractive candidate to a lot of the republican voters and she would draw a lot of support, but i looked at the media coverage of the bus tour a couple of weeks back and really, if we were talking about dating than politics the media coverage would be called stalking. anything that sarah palin does or says gets an intense reaction from the media that it does suck a lot of oxygen out, but maybe it is a chicken and egg thing. maybe the media trips upon themselves to do anything to cover anything that she says and does, and yet, there can be a bit of overload, but because the media never stops talking about her. >> and the favorite, quickly? >> i don't have a favorite right nowme men now.
3:50 pm
i'm still looking at the candidates. >> come on, doug! >> we don't have the first primaries and caucuses until february which is months and months away. i am anxious to see what the candidates do, because we have so many debates the come. >> thank you, doug. thank you for joining us, an happy fourth of july to you. >> thank you. you, too. and now over to amanda knox who was convicted of who could catch a break. this week a panel of experts raised serious doubts about two pieces of dna evidence used to send her to prison for 26 years. knox now tells her lawyer she hopes to be home in seattle by christmas. it is the latest twist in a case that began almost four years ago documenting the case in the latest issue of "rolling stone "i'm delighted he joins us now. good afternoon, nathanael. >> good afternoon. >> you traveled to italy to hear this case. you said you went with an open mind. you left believing amanda is innocent and you say everything
3:51 pm
was wrong, from the very moment the local postal police entered the apartment. is that right? >> that's right. i mean, look, i tried to find evidence for what has been a dominant story line so far that amanda knox was so insatiably lustful she murdered her roommate simply because the roommate refused to take part in an orgy. it's a great story. don't get me wrong. i've been on the newspaper 3 1/2 years and unfortunately found in evidence to support that and was left with a rather more mundane fact-based story how this woman has been sentenced unjustly and will spend the rest of her child-bearing years in an italian jewel. >> you say unjustly. the man serving life, saying amanda was also involved. are there flaws you detected in the italian criminal justice
3:52 pm
process that contributed to this conviction? >> the fact that after he changed his story to implicate knox, got his sentence reduced from 30 years to 16 in his final appeal. the biggest problem i think evident in this case has been the fact that italian jurors are not sequestered. anything published in the tabloid or appears on the news becomes de facto part of the case whether or not heard in court. i do this before american viewers get too outraged by what they perceive to the the italian system, the essential irony, knox is lucky she's in italy and she knows that. if she had been convicted of murder in washington state where she's from, she'd be on death row right now having to decide between lethal injection and hanging. >> absolutely. she has told her lawyer that she hopes to be home in seattle by christmas. do you believe that's likely or not?
3:53 pm
>> well, i mean, that's another way that italian justice system is benefiting her case, because the appeal trial there is much more expansive than in the states. it's basically a re-do of the entire process. i think the knox family is very optimistic based especially on the forensic evidence this week, when the experts came up, said that the evidence is too weak to satisfy international forensic guidelines. had i was in peru, the italians were a lot more cynical about the process and felt that it was, it would be too humiliating for the italian courts to reverse themselves and too much pressure on this judge not to do that, and what is more commonly expected there is that she'll receive a reduction in sentence by about nine years, and, which that would mean if you take into account time off for good behavior, she would get out in
3:54 pm
about a decade. >> nathanael rich, thank you so much for joining us. sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry, did you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd. you spent eight days lost at sea ? no, uh... you love watching your neighbors watch tv ? at ally, you'll love our new raise your rate 4-year cd that offers two rate increases if our current rates go up. ally bank.
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3:56 pm
3:57 pm
air, and today marks the 33rd day in a criminal trial that is seeking to decide whether a mother, casey anthony, does the unthinkable and murdered her 2-year-old child. bus at various moments during the last month, this terrible tragedy has been skewed by what has almost become a media circus, a reality show. thursday was a case in point when an ordinary member ever the public ophired and obscene hand gesture towards the bench. >> and what does that mean, sir? when you extend one's middle finger? >> that, the f word to someone. >> what does it mean to you, sir? not sow soto some, but to you. >> to use the f word to someone.
3:58 pm
>> this trial has bordered on the absurd with a judge struggling to keep control, lawyers repeatedly abusing the rules of evidence and television which has become obsessed with what casey anthony's wearing and who's crying and who's lying. the last 33 days contained truly momentous stories. the arab spring which began with peaceful protests in cairo has become a summer of violence and unrest. here at home we've witnessed some of the most contentious and cantankerous political rouse, discussions about the debt ceiling have stalled and the president has become increasingly angry with congress and republicans increasingly critical of him. we've had wildfires close to the nation's biggest nuclear weapons facility in los alamos and the worst tornado season in living memory that tore the town of joplin, missouri to shreds. we've seen one of the world's most powerful men, dominique
3:59 pm
strauss-kahn, accused of sexual assault and today we've seen that allegations potentially reduced to rubble. we've witnessed the incredible recovery of congresswoman gabby giffords, who was shot in the head who with the help of the world's finest surgeons has been able to smile again. we've seen one of america's finest public servients, secretary of defense, robert gates, almost reduced to tears as he received the presidential medal of freedom and formally retired yesterday. and also in the last 33 days and beyond the headlines, approximately 400,000 lives have been born with the 50 states. 1.5 million young people have graduated with degrees from some of the world's finest universities. all here in the united states. and we've also had the pleasure and privilege of your company over the last 33 days. even as we've reported these stories from near and far. and so as we approach this holiday weekend, i wanted to thank

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